Game4Hosting Offers Quality Server Performance

Owned Hardware

We own all of our hardware to make the server performance much better and easiest to manage.

DDoS Protection

We have an amazing DDoS Protection incluided in all of the game servers without any extra cost to protect your server.

Uptime 100%

We provide an amazing uptime service because we own our hardware and that way its much easier to control and manage the servers and uptime performace.

Instant Setup

After payment is recieved our system will deploy your game server instantly. There is no wait time, instant setup for every game.

Fast Support

We provide premium support to help you with any issues or questions. We have a special team waiting to take care of your ticket.

Easy to Use

We offer a very easy Control Panel to all of our clients to use. We use TCAdming V2 in all Game Servers and Voice Servers.